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MovieMaker is a web server that allows short (~10 sec), downloadable movies to be generated of protein dynamics. It accepts PDB files or PDB accession numbers as input and automatically outputs colorful animations covering a wide range of protein motions and other dynamic processes. Users have the option of animating 1) simple rotation 2) morphing between two end conformers 3) short-scale, picosecond vibrations; 4) ligand docking; 5) protein oligomerization; 6) mid-scale nanosecond (ensemble) motions; and 7) protein folding/unfolding. Note: MovieMaker is not a molecular dynamics server and does not perform MD calculations. You can view some sample protein movies by visiting the MovieMaker Gallery.

Please cite: Maiti R, Van Domselaar GH, Wishart DS. MovieMaker: a web server for rapid rendering of protein motions and interactions. Nucleic Acids Res. 2005 Jul 1;33(Web Server issue):W358-62.
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This web server supports the submission of either PDB-formatted files or PDB accession numbers.
Choose your Movie: Continuous Rotation
Cartesian Interpolation Between 2 End Conformers
Single-Chain Picosecond Vibration
Ligand Docking
Protein Oligomerization
NMR Ensemble Motions
Protein Folding / Unfolding

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MovieMaker uses SuperPose, MolScript, Gifsicle, and ImageMagick.

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MovieMaker v1.0 (C) 2005 Rajarshi Maiti, Gary Van Domselaar, and David Wishart