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Example 1: Movie showing the flexible region of oncogene proteins (4Q21 and 6Q21 chain A)

Example 2: Hinge motion of DNA Polymerase beta (1BPD and 2BPF)

Example 3: Motion between the side chains of Alcohol dehydrogenase (6ADH and 8ADH)

Example 4:Motion between the two chains of thioredoxin (2TRX)in cylinder view

Example 5:Motion of the chains of the pointed domain NMR ensemble (1BQV)

Example 6:Structure rotation of the 21 chains of GROEL(1AON)

Example 7:Small scale vibrations of myoglobin (1MYF)(ball-and-stick view)

Example 8:Oligomerization process of a pentamer molecule(1C48)

Example 9:Docking of N(ethylsulfite)morpholine to Glutaredoxin mutant(1ABA)

Example 10: Unfolding and folding of Calmodulin(1A29)

Example 11: NMR Ensemble Motions for DNA Polymerase X from African Swine Fever Virus (1JAJ), 25 Structures

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